Your Motor Vehicle Insurance Claim

You should inform your auto insurance company of the accident. Mention the date, time, location, and describe what happened. Tell your insurance about your injuries – you do not have to go into significant detail.

For example, you can explain you have neck pain, back pain, etc.

Your insurance will assign an “accident benefits adjuster” to your claim. The insurance will probably offer you up to $3,500 towards therapy under a category of medical benefits called the “Minor Injury Guideline” or MIG for short.

If you suffer serious injuries, the insurance should offer you more benefit coverage. The second category of benefits offers $65,000 (or more) towards your recovery. Any x-rays or MRIs from the hospital become very important here to make sure you receive proper funding for your care. Your insurance may refuse to give you more benefit coverage without such imaging reports.

You may need important therapy that is unavailable in the MIG category. Accessing benefits in the second category may allow MVA recovery treatment to be paid for:

  • Occupational Therapy (a therapist to quarter-back your recovery and treatment team);
  • Psychology services (to deal with anxiety, depression, and other emotional stressors);
  • Speech Language Pathology (particularly important for concussions); and
  • Attendant Care Services (personal care at home).

Generally, your coverage is only available for 5 years after an accident. You should consult with one of our accident lawyers as soon as possible to avoid losing access to important benefits.

You may also qualify for much higher benefits, under the third category of benefits, for “Catastrophic” injuries. Under this category, you may receive up to $1,000,000 in treatment and other benefits not available in the first two categories.

Please consult with a personal injury lawyer for further details to make sure the insurance company is treating you fairly after you are injured.

Your Accident Benefits Claim

The claim you make to your own auto insurer for payment of specific benefits, such as medical expenses if you need treatment, income replacement benefits (IRBs) if your injuries force you off work, and other areas of compensation depending on your available policy coverage.

Your Accident Benefits, or “AB” claim, starts immediately after a lawsuit. For this reason, it is very important you speak to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.