Recovery After Motor Vehicle Accident

Let us take care of the legal fight with insurance companies and with defendants, administrative matters behind the scenes, so that you can focus on your recovery after your motor vehicle accident.

We focus on the fight, so you can focus on getting better.

Your responsibility is to attend treatment recommended by your medical professionals. This includes:

  • Regularly follow up with your family doctor (at least every 2-3 months);
  • Attend routine treatment, such as physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, psychological counselling, and other treatment providers; and
  • See specialists and undergoing medical testing recommended by your doctors.

Your accident lawyer should periodically update you about your claim. You should also frequently update your lawyer about your health and the treatment. Always tell your lawyer about a new doctor you see, even if only once.

Your auto insurance company may schedule special assessments for you, called Section 44 Insurer Examinations (or “IEs”). IEs are usually in-person assessments that last 1-4 hours with a doctor in a specific field (Physiatry, Psychology, Orthopedics, etc.). The doctor decides whether you need more treatment based on your level of limitation, restriction, or impairment. You must attend these assessments when scheduled to help the doctor understand how your injuries affect your day to day function and activities.

Through your lawsuit, you will also likely have to attend certain events or steps in the litigation, such as:

  • Examinations for Discovery: Where the two sides (plaintiff and defendant) in the lawsuit question each other to learn about the key facts of the case.
  • Mediations and Pre-Trials: Where cases try to settle.
  • Trial: Where a judge decides who wins the case.

You should avoid speaking to insurance companies yourself unless your lawyer is present – even over the phone. You want to make sure only accurate information is appropriately given to the insurer, and that you do not miss important information that the insurance is supposed to tell you.

Locate a health professional to help with recovery

Recovery after a motor vehicle accident could include seeing a health professional such as a chiropractor, physhiotherapist or psychological counselling. A health provider is trained in properly assessing your injury and then creating a plan to help you recover.

Finding health recovery services after a car accident can be performed by seeing which clinic allows for MVA direct billing to your insurance (external resource):

Show me MVA direct billing clinics