How Much Is My MVA Case Worth?

Almost every client asks: "How much is my case worth?"

We would love to give you a number during your first consultation.

Unfortunately, it is nearly always impossible. Your lawyer needs time to collect evidence to properly calculate your compensation. To do so, we might need to hire experts to provide special reports for your lawsuit.

Factors we consider when calculating the value of your case:

  • The impact your injuries have on your daily life;
  • Your recovery and the cost of future medical care;
  • Out of pocket expenses you incurred due to an accident or injury; and
  • Lost wages or lost opportunities at work or school;

When the time is right, we will tell you what your case is worth. We will give you a value, and obtain your input and feedback, before we ever try to settle your case.

To help your lawyer calculate your maximum possible entitlement, it is crucial you continue with therapy and regularly follow up with your doctors. If you do not seek appropriate medical attention, this can hurt your case and reduce the amount of money you might be entitled to receive.