Ottawa Injury Lawyers for Bus and Truck Accidents

Our injury group lawyers have a significant amount of experience handling motor vehicle collisions involving tractor trailers, OC Transpo or other city buses, school buses and Greyhound buses.

Operators of buses and tractor trailers have to meet a high standard of care when operating their vehicles.  This is due to the sheer size of trucks and buses and the inherent risks related with numerous blind spots, difficulty navigating smaller roadways and in the case of buses, adults and children getting on and off the bus at a high rate of frequency.  A failure to meet the high standards required of these drivers can result in accidents causing severe injuries and even the loss of life.

These sorts of complex claims often require compensation for income loss, pain and suffering, rehabilitation expenses, child care and housekeeping and home maintenance expenses, just to name a few. 

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious collision involving a bus or truck, it is important that you hire a lawyer experienced in both no-fault statutory accident benefits and negligence claims against at-fault drivers.  If your lawyer does not have significant experience in both of these areas you risk not receiving all of the care, treatment and compensation you need in your recovery; both in terms of your injuries and your financial compensation.

Our injury lawyers have handled hundreds of claims with seriously injured victims involving damage claims for millions of dollars.  These cases have included not only claims against negligent drivers and the companies which own the buses and tractor trailers but also against insurance companies under Ontario’s no-fault accident benefits system.

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