Cycling and Pedestrian Accidents

Our Ottawa injury and motor vehicle accident lawyers have significant experience handling claims involving injuries that resulted from cyclists and pedestrians struck by motor vehicles.

The City of Ottawa has increased its efforts to make the city more cyclist friendly over the last few years, with an increased number of cycling lanes.  Despite these efforts, for the most part cyclists are forced to share the road with motor vehicles.  Narrow cyclist-specific lanes are often designated to be shared with OC Transpo buses.

Like cyclists, pedestrians face a significant risk of injury when the operators of motor vehicles do not pay attention to street signs and traffic signals, are unaware of crosswalks and rights of way, or are otherwise distracted.

Because of the obvious vulnerability due to the lack of protection, pedestrians and bicyclists often suffer significant injuries in an accident with a car or other motor vehicle. 

If you were a cyclist or pedestrian injured in a collision with a motor vehicle, you have two potential avenues for compensation.  Even if you do not have an automobile and you are not covered under anyone else's insurance, you are still eligible for no-fault accident benefits.  In addition to no-fault benefits, you may also claim damages from the driver of the vehicle that struck you, if the collision was the result of his or her negligence.  This claim would include damages for your pain and suffering, income loss and any other losses you have suffered.

Our injury lawyers have significant experience identifying all possible sources of financial recovery available for motor vehicle accident victims.  In addition, we will help you get the medical and rehabilitative care you need to recover and go on with your life.

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