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What Insurance Companies Look For In A Personal Injury Claim
February 26, 2018
Personal injury claims almost always involve insurance companies.  When it comes to personal injury claims, a common question is, what insurance co......

Your Guide to Slip and Fall Claims
February 06, 2018
Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common injuries that Ottawa personal injury lawyers litigate. Indeed, slip and falls can result in seri......

Who Is Eligible For Accident Benefits In Ontario?
February 04, 2018
The Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, also known as SABS, is a Provincial Regulation, which requires certain benefits that all automobile insur......

How Pain and Suffering is Calculated in an Ontario Injury Case
January 14, 2018
How Pain And Suffering Is Calculated in a Personal Injury Case Pain and suffering is calculated by taking many different factors into consideratio......


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